How you can Increase The Size of Your Penis – Top three Effective Ways to Enlarge Your Penis Permanently

31 Mar

The way to increase the size of your penis? This question may not be very important to some men. But also for many men, this can be a question that they need to know the answer. They could have too small penises or are not happy with their penises size. Today, there are 3 effective methods for solving how to increase size of penis:

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1. Increasing size of penis with natural methods
Penis enhancement may be the safest method and it has achievement. The principle of this technique is to improve the flow of blood in the penis by taking exercise the penis (like building muscles). Start off to feel better and larger within 3 -4 weeks once you learn to exercise the penis. After 2-3 months, the penis will about 1-4 inches longer and also the girth size will about 1 inch larger (depends on an individual’s health).

2. Increasing penis size by utilizing pills
The components of the pills include various vitamins and herbs (the most popular herb is yohimbe). These pills increases blood pressure and the flow of blood in the penis to increase its size. If you use this method you have to be healthy since these pills might have negative effects.

3. Increasing penis size with surgery
Penis enlargement surgical treatment is the quickest method but this method is more costly compared to the above 2 methods. You will find 2 kinds of this surgery:

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Length Enhancement This enhancement has several techniques, including ligamentolysis and penile disassembly. These techniques can raise the length of your penis by 2-5 centimeters.
Girth Enhancement Popular strategy is to inject fat into the penis. This technique is safe but could cause skin of the penis roughness.

However, the most important thing to remember is safety. You need to pick the safest and a lot effective way of solving the way to increase sized penis. And if you’re healthy, you will get the better results.